Emma, Sophia and Joseph Chan

My two girls spent many happy years at His Little Kingdom. Now my son attends there as well, so I have 6 years of experience with them so far. The principal and teachers have become my friends in that time. I have nothing but good things to say about this childcare and kindergarten. I chose […]

Keith, Dave and Ethan

My three boys received their preschool education at His Little Kingdom. The teachers are very professional, patient and caring and I have full confidence in them handling my kids. His Little Kingdom is a second home to them. Mrs Paulina Lim

Zaius and Prudence

Zaius has been attending His Little Kingdom since 2013 and now Prudence has joined her older brother in 2015. The physical, emotional and educational aspects of His Little Kingdom compliment the growing and developing of the young minds of our children. They are nutured holistically with sound principles and curriculum. Learning is not confined to the […]

His Little Kingdom

Andrea and Ashton

Time flies… Andrea is now twelve and Ashton is eight. I sent my kids to His Little Kingdom when they were two years old. Teachers were dedicated, caring and patient. Children were also disciplined and well-mannered. Many thanks to Susie and teachers for showering the children with your love and kindness. I had made a […]


Good morning susie. Just a usual sms. I have been hearing from ayden talking about different things about sciences like water bears, e coli and a lot of different names. thank you for being such an all rounder school and thank you all the teachers for being the patient and kind teachers (I know how […]


Hi!! Have known you since I was 4 and I believe I have never had a chance to say this: Blessed Birthday! Glad I finally caught one (: So… as a birthday present, I thought I’d let you know, that to be honest, I believe my life would have been very different if I had […]

His Little Kingdom


My eldest son, Dillon Lee graduated from His Little Kingdom in 2005. During his stay at His Little Kingdom, the dedicated effort of the teachers and the ever loving, warm and caring attitude towards the children has enable him to adjust & curve well into his primary school years later. I believe Dillon strong academic […]

Claudia and Samuel

Dear Aunty Susie So many years have passed ever since I left His Little Kingdom. I would sincerely like to thank you for the gifts that you and the childcare have bestowed upon me like a good foundation in my studies, as well as many hours and years of laughter. Now, as my brother is […]