Trevin and Natalio

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ms Susie Tan and her team of Teachers;

Teacher Josephine, Teacher Hafizah, Teacher Chua, Teacher Alice and Han Lao Shi at His Little Kingdom Child Care & Development Centre (Yishun). We had applied for a place for my 2 boys who are now (K2) Trevin Foo and (N1) Natalio Foo at branch 29. Ms Susie Tan is a very kind, courteous and helpful Principal who were willing to listen to our problems and difficulties.

The teachers at the centre had been very helpful, patience and understanding. Teachers like Ms Josephine and Han Lao Shi had been very accommodating to my child, not to mention to all other teachers as well. Ms Susie Tan, the Principal and all the teachers at His Little Kingdom Child Care & Development Centre (Yishun) have shown great guidance, moral support and motivation to my child. I congratulate Ms. Susie Tan for employing them as they reflected the service quality of the childcare centre with their positive attitude and excellent service.

It is heart-warming to know that the school cares for the children and puts in the effort to introduce more subjects and enhance the children’s skills and development through its curriculum. The teachers have also shown great teamwork. My Husband and I are glad to experience such great spirit in your school. Keep up the good work and we appreciate all your hard work. My family and I look forward to another great year in 2016 with His Little Kingdom Child Care & Development Centre (Yishun). Keep up the good work! A big thank you and compliment to Ms Susie Tan and her team of teachers and wishing them well and to continue to strive and excel in their job.

This centre is the best among the numberous childcare centres that my son has been through. The Principal, Teachers and staff are simply fabulous. This is a great team!

Mr and Mrs Foo

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