Extra enrichment programmes


Some asked if His Little Kingdom would want to include popular enrichment classes such as golf, music instruments, soccer etc..

We’ve ever tried offering such classes some years back. But we learned that it may not be prudent to do so. There are many companies out there specializing in such enrichment. Here at His Little Kingdom, we want to give sufficient time and focus for our main curriculum which already includes the necessary building blocks for the child; such as phonics, etc..

During the week days, we do not recommend overloading the children so that they have sufficient margin to have “me” time or a “me-us” time such as to simply play in solitude or play and socialize with friends. This is an important area to protect during their years in the child care centres.

We’d trade the many sophisticated “enrichment programmes” or technologies that claim to make your child a genius; in order to make time and margin for our aspirations. And the end result shows that doing this does not give our children any disadvantage. On the contrary, many graduates from His Little Kingdom have done very well.

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