When Lovell was 2 years old, my husband and I started looking for a childcare center for her.

We went to many childcare centers but non others had given us the kind of positive energy that the children in His Little Kingdom had given us. We still remember clearly that we were greeted loudly and happily by the children “Hello aunty, uncle!”. That was the most heart warming and uplifting welcome we have ever experienced of all the childcare centers that we had visited. The vibrant and jovial energy from the children was instantly spread to us!

We were excited. Our hearts told us that this is the perfect school for Lovell even though we had our concerns, as both my husband and my family background are Buddhist although we are more of free thinker. Thankfully, we chose to follow our heart.

Throughout the years, we see how Lovell progress from a quiet toddler to a sociable chatterbox . The school has developed Lovell well personally, socially and academically.

We want to thank Susie, her team of teachers and helpers for creating such a loving, positive and safe environment for the children. Lovell loves going to school and will always tell us how she enjoyed her time spent with all her friends, caring teachers and staffs. We also want to thank His Little Kingdom for keeping the children’s health as priority. No parents will want to see their children suffering with contagious HFMD and as working parents it is also inconvenient to take urgent leave. Thankfully, there is no outbreak of HFMD that require closure of school throughout the years.

His Little Kingdom, you are not just special to our children,  but to our family too! We know that our child is in good hands while we are busy working.

With such good experience, we have no second thought to send our younger child to His Little Kingdom!

We knew our children are being loved, well cared and nurtured by the team like their own child. Thank you so much!

Yours sincerely,

Yeo’s Family

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