His Little Kingdom


My eldest son, Dillon Lee graduated from His Little Kingdom in 2005. During his stay at His Little Kingdom, the dedicated effort of the teachers and the ever loving, warm and caring attitude towards the children has enable him to adjust & curve well into his primary school years later.

I believe Dillon strong academic foundation built up in his early childhood in His Little Kingdom ,  it has played a crucial role in nurturing him to grow further and excel in his studies.

In His Little Kingdom, the teachers are strict yet loving towards the children, its not just a childcare centre for the children, but a place where love abounds. Therefore, when my twins namely Isaac & Kayla Lee have reached the playgroup age 2 years ago, we do not hesitate to put them in His Little Kingdom again.

We feel at ease and know that our children are trusted in good hands at His Little Kingdom.

We are blessed to have found His Little Kingdom!

Much appreciated ..

Keep it up Susie & all the dedicated & caring teachers in HLK.


From the parents of:

Dillon, Isaac & Kayla Lee

Dillion is currently studing in Hwa Chong JC

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