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Intentionally Simple With Deep Impact

Childcare – What Is It Really About?

Childcare is really about creating and facilitating certain kinds of childhood memories in children. The kind that leaves behind the right narratives which form a healthy foundation and disposition in a person. Memories will fade. But the narratives they leave behind can last a lifetime. Narratives determine a person’s values, views and interpretations of oneself (be it the self-worth, life’s roles or self-direction) and one’s world (be it valuing others, practical tasks or figuring out how things should work). And in today’s fast-paced, fast-changing and highly sophisticated world, this development in turn, plants the seeds for failure or success in life.

Thus, every experience each child undergoes; from the classrooms, meal halls and field trips to the playgrounds, group games and their quiet solitude moments, matter. From the compliments to the disciplines. Every experience the child has with us matters.

At His Little Kingdom, the children learn more than the appreciation of language, math, science, art, music and movement. More importantly, they learn what is right and wrong; what it is to forgive, love and respect; what it is to give and share; what it is to learn from our mistakes. And most importantly, what it is to have fun. And all these lessons that really matter, take time and attention. These are our aspirations for every child that enters our gate.

We provide full-day and half-day care with a curriculum that prepares the children for primary school. Contact us today to arrange for a visit or have a chat with our principal.

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