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Take 5! is our very own Q&A portal for those who would like to seek answers and opinions of others in a convenient, non-threatening and safe manner. It is different from our forum or blog because here, it features voting to size which is the most popular answer, and it allows you to show if a question has been resolved or it is still open. But as the saying goes, the most popular may not be the best answer =) So you always have a choice.

Ask any question about caring for or relating with children, parents, spouse, in-laws, sibling, being a teen, student, etc. Members may contribute their answers. Some subject matter experts we work with may also contribute theirs. And whenever we can, we too will certainly share our frank thoughts on your question. You may also keep a question private only to us.

However, to ensure all of us are kept safe and feel safe, please be advised that the use of this service provided here, is strictly governed by the Terms Of Service and any other related policies and laws. Please do not proceed to view any content or post any content whether it is in the form of a question or answer if you do not fully agree to our Terms Of Service.

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